History of Chef Hansen

●Name:            Bjarne Lindboe Hansen    (Danish)

【Work History】

● Born:            Copenhagen Denmark

●1965〜1974   Joined Maersk Line.

                         (While serving abroad I acquired my Chef license 

                           and for four years worked as ships Chef.)

●1974〜1981   Aarhus  Denmark  Norsminde GL.KRO Restaurant

                          (Famous restaurant a history for 350 years).

 ●1981〜1984  Move to Japan.  Worked at a family restaurant

                           in Tsuyama, Okayama.

 ●1984〜1990  Opened "Copenhagen" restaurant in

                          Tsuyama, Okayama.

 ●1990〜2004  Reopened full-scale "Copenhagen" restaurant

                          in Tsuyama, Okayama.  Owner/Chef until 2004.

 ●2005〜2008  Relocated "Copenhagen" hotdog restaurant

                          to Takasago, Hyogo.

 ●2008〜present  Relocated "Copenhagen" hotdog restaurant

                              to Suma, Kobe.


●1998〜           Goodwill ambassador for Denmark.

●1988〜1990   Visitor Lecturer at Tsuji Cooking School.  

●1990〜2004   Tsuyama Kakuzan Lions Club Member. 

●1998〜2004   Chairman West Danish Chamber of Commerce  

                          and Industry.